Sunday, June 29, 2008

Photo Play: Instamatic: Jovinna Chan

Here are a two image variations from one of my photo plays "Instamatic" staring Singapore actress Jovinna Chan. "Instamatic" is the story about twin sisters and their journey into the art world. The sisters are illegal refugees who begin their new American life by creating a home in an old abandoned station wagon. The text of the play (like most of my photo plays) are a list of words which describe the emotion, or action. Words like instant, sincere, contorted, automatic, erotic, attitude, physical, melted, devoted confused etc... are presented without order for the actors to interpret. The images seen here have been taken into photoshop, sometimes Warhol creeps into my work, and I just have to go with it until the desire to do so runs dry.

Book Cover Design: Tronik - Wendy Tronrud

Wendy Tronrud explores the extraordinary folds within the realm of contemporary culture, has provided much insight into experimental text, fractal dialogues, and quantum sexuality in film, politics, and story telling. The covers mockups shown here are explorations meant as possible packaging and visual branding for selected texts.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Pixel Characters

An assortment of international characters created in low res.

Logo System:

Every once in a while I get a change to touch a brand that is so massive in it's influence that it absorbs any style one might bring to it, so much so that in the end one is actually designing a label of for an era rather than a label for a product. 

At the time (1999) MTV was moving their online brand (MTV Online) closer into the on air brand, so the "Online" bit was dropped and ".com" was added on, eventually after my time at MTV the finally got the official "M" logo and the web site finally came home. 

Here you see the 4 distinct logos, each designed to be read and reproduced at a specific size. I have to thank master designer and artist Steve Robinson for the actual final typography.

Logo: UthTV

Logo design for Uth (as in youth) TV.

Album Cover: Edison Woods - Seven Principles of Leave No Trace

The final cover image was created in collaboration with Carla Ganis.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Logo: Realm

Created for a Brooklyn theatre company