Monday, June 16, 2008

Poster: Edison Woods: Seven Principles of Leave No Trace

This image is a collaboration featuring drawing, photographs, digital manipulation, text, inspiration, and craft of Carla Gannis, Julia Frodahl, Angela Voulangas and myself. The final work has been printed and folded into the 2003 Edison Woods album "Seven Principals of Leave No Trace" as a limited edition poster. I art directed the project and took the base photo images which I snapped on the frozen shore of the Prospect Park Lake in Brooklyn New York (I stood out in the icy air with Wendy Tronrud pointing my camera at the thick white surface of the water for about an hour). Later Carla would put these images through her own singular process before creating the final composition. For some time I thought that Carla had added birds into the left hand side of the image until one day when I looked through the original snaps discovering that what I saw as birds in the poster was actually leaves suspended in the ice covered lake.

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