Monday, June 16, 2008

MTV: Fuzzy Nunchucks Vs. The Squirt Patrol 1.0

For The MTV 2000 VMA blow out, I designed a photo based two person fighting game. At the time most games used illustrated characters, I thought it might be time to get actual actors on the screen. Thank Zardoz that wiz-kid Josh Byard produced the game otherwise it would never have been made. At that time Amy V. Cooper was the Photo Editor, it was Amy who introduced me to the work of Ian Tong. We hired to shoot the photographs and live video then got Heavy to figure out how to turn it into a game that could be played on the internet (this was web 1.5). In the end it all worked, and then just like so many great web moments it was gone without a trace. The images shown here are some of the only screens that exist from this historic project.

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amyvcooper said...

the good ol' days!